System Integration

Core Value Driver

The core idea of Artificial Intelligence systems integration is making individual software components (such as speech synthesizers, computer vision systems, etc.) interoperable with other components, such as traditional knowledge bases and business applications, in order to create larger, broader, and more capable AI systems.

Our Approach

Our Approach on systems integration, especially with regard to modular approaches, derives from the fact that most intelligences of significant scale are composed of a multitude of processes and/or utilizemulti-modal input and output. For example, human intelligence operates in a way that is equivalent to talk utilizing speech synthesis, hearing through speech recognition, understanding using various logical mechanisms, and so forth. In order to produce AI software of broad capabilities, integration of these individual modalities (that each accomplishes a specific function) is necessary.

Our approach allows customers to obtain the best AI solutions within a reasonable time and with affordable pricing.

AI System Integration

  • Develop custom AI business solutions to solve clients’ business needs

  • Leverage a combination of COTS technologies, recently developed AI products, custom development, and integration with clients’ existing IT systems

  • Modular approach for maximum efficiency and scalability

AI Product Distribution

  • We partner with the world’s top AI ventures to commercialize their technological developments

  • Beyond just reselling solutions, we help customers install, customize, integrate and support new AI business applications

Our AI Partner Program for Systems Integrators and Consulting Firms helps these B2B partners find the
right solution to fit their customers’ needs. Our partners are leaders in their fields, with significant
project expertise that ranges from strategic advice and business transformation services to IT consulting,
solution development, systems integration and solution deployment.