Automation and Data Insights

We create automation and data insight experiences that give you greater visibility into your business, industry, and customer needs. From dashboards to fully automated predictive systems that work even when you are not. Leverage the power of intelligence.

Human Power/Talent Outsourcing

We scour the globe for the best, most highly-educated AI development minds with Masters and PhDs in mathematics, computer science, physics, and cybernetics.

Business Transformation

We provide platform solutions, including development and subsequent integration of AI software modules and multi-level decision making support systems. These allow to manage technology and business processes, as well as reduce operational costs and human factor risks.

System Integration

The core idea of Artificial Intelligence systems integration is making individual software components (such as speech synthesizers, computer vision systems, etc.) interoperable with other components, such as traditional knowledge bases and business applications, in order to create larger, broader, and more capable AI systems.


Some of our Case Studies