B2B Partnerships

Value proposition

Augment your service offering with advanced AI capabilities, backed by new technologies and our talented team

Brainy Solutions

  • Leverage a portfolio of AI technologies

  • Integrate proprietary solutions and white-label licensed ones from partners

  • Develop custom AI solutions to suit bespoke customer requests

B2B Partner

  • Integrate the developed AI solutions into the client’s IT infrastructure and business organization

  • Maintain the client relationship and perform client support

Client Organization

  • Benefit from the new business capabilities created by the B2B Partner and powered by Brainy Solutions’ technologies

Why us

We have a portfolio of 80+ ready-made AI technologies and capability to develop bespoke AI solutions at competitive rates

Top Talent and Technologies

  • We have partnered with top AI ventures to commercialize their technologies

  • For custom solutions, we have assembled a team of 300+ experts: AI engineers, ML developers, and data scientists

  • Proprietary technologies with capability to white-label existing products

Cost-Efficient Developers

  • Our developers are based in developing markets where we have sourced top professionals at advantageous rates

  • Project teams already experienced in working with clients in US, EU and APAC

  • Ability to rapidly and cost-efficiently develop customized AI solutions

Experienced Solutions Management

  • Our management team consists of seasoned technology and business executives

  • Deep domain, project management and consulting experience

  • Extensive IT consulting acumen, including in working as a subcontractor

Product Portfolio

Advanced AI “deep tech”, ready to go for you
  • Our product portfolio includes over 80 technologies from both established companies and cutting-edge start-ups

  • We are an exclusive international distributor for many of these AI solutions, deploying, integrating and supporting them for clients and B2B partners

  • Our team has the domain expertise to combine ready-made AI products with custom development to serve your clients’ needs

Solution Lifecycle

Our strategy involves understanding customer needs, solution development, integration in conjunction with B2B partners, and after-sales support
1. Needs

Conduct business analysis to access client needs and ascertain the exact business challenge to resolve

2. Solution Selection

Architect the AI solution, utilizing our portfolio of ready-made technologies and development capacity to meet bespoke needs

3. Development & Customization

Develop, customize and roll out the AI solution for the client in conjunction with the B2B partner

4. Integration & Testing

Integrate the AI solution with the client’s existing IT systems in conjunction with the B2B partner, performing the necessery QA testing

5. After-Sales Support

Provide after-sales support, new functionality upgrades and accommodation of change requests, as contractually agreed

Value for B2B partner

Respond to Client Demands

Best-in-Class AI Capabilities
Rapidly expand the base of highly-demanded AI capabilities that today’s clients demand from their technological partners. Deploy and integrate AI-powered solutions to satisfy even the most challenging technical requirements

Be the Expert

Domain Expertise
We create automation and data insight experiences that give you greater visibility into your business, industry, and customer needs.

Integrate Existing Solutions

Advanced AI Technology Portfolio
Our portfolio of ready made business solutions for computer vision, big data, speech analytics, industrial automation and other core AI technologies enables our partners to focus on technology implementation, rather than building “from scratch”

Make Money

Room for B2B Partner’s Margin
Our own cost base is low, enabling us to offer attractive rates to our B2B partners, who in turn have enough room in billing rates for their own overhead and margin