Business Transformation

Applied Intelligence

Make your AI vision a reality by knowing where to start and how to scale. A strong strategy is key to making the right investments for transformation

Vendor-agnostic model, providing capabilities to suit the needs of each client

End-to-end solutions from consultancy, design, implementation, maintenance & improvement

Augmented with CX experts & support for a complete approach across all customer touchpoints

Managed service approach to scale and meet business expectations and objectives

Scale AI and maximize value

Leveraging AI in pockets across your business has the power to bring new outcomes—from gains in efficiency to productivity. But what if you could transform every aspect of your business and your industry at large?

Many businesses struggle to realize the real value of their AI projects because they often can’t move away from proofs of concept. Latest research shows that organizations scaling AI effectively are seeing up to 3X the return on their investments, compared to non-scalers. Our unique approach is to combine AI with data, analytics and automation under a strategic vision to scale AI and transform business—across every function and process.

We have the roadmap to maximize existing investments and extend new technologies across your business. With deep AI experts and data scientists, plus the flexibility to work with almost any technology partner, we can help you evaluate, maximize and scale opportunities as they arise


No two clients are alike. Whether it’s using a proven turnkey solution or a custom program, we’ll bring our deep industry expertise to solve your unique needs, backed by a team spanning more than 125 countries. Some of our offerings include:

Speed to outcomes

We are committed to you getting the best solution possible given your needs, timeline, and budget. Thus, we won’t push you in one direction or another (outsourcing, off-the-shelf, or custom development) but rather, help you decide what course of action is best for you

Speed to intelligence

Automated integration of data–including real-time data at the edge–to create a single source of truth for your business.

Speed to confidence

Data governance services, capabilities and ongoing updates to support GDPR, CCPA and other data governance needs.

Speed to value

Flexible components that work with existing technology for a seamless experience and cost savings.

Speed to scale

Prebuilt, customizable solutions designed to plug into and across the enterprise.


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