Similar Companies Search

Improving the quality of service for legal entities by the bank involves expanding the range of services provided for analyzing competing and similar companies, searching for optimal and reliable counterparties and providing general reports on the industry by region. To solve the problem proposed to build a digital profile corporate client based on its interaction with contractors and the activities of these counterparties.

Input Data

  • Transactions of corporate clients of the bank
  • Information about texts in payment documents
  • Data from the register
  • The history of interaction with the bank’s customer

Output Data

  • Building Model digital client profile
  • Search Model similar companies and competitors
  • Building a sectoral map of the region

Main Results

A pilot project was carried out, integrated into the customer’s business process:

  • The coherence of the company’s digital profile with its OKVED is 70%
  • Digital profile built for 80% of MMB companies (micro and small business)
  • Prediction of the company’s main products for 75% of companies
  • A map of the interaction of the company region with the interpretation of 60% of the processes
  • Solved the problem of finding similar companies and competitors “Look-a-like” for 70% of companies
Product identification in text, Recall 87 %
Product identification in text, Precision 71 %
Similarity Detection, Roc-Auc 93 %