Conversion Rate, Marketing Campaign

Automating the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and evaluating advertising agencies and evaluating the conversion rate in the customer attraction funnel at the stage of processing a phone call from the client to the contact center operator requires that, by recording the telephone conversation presented as text, the probability of having one of the indicated events in the conversation between contact center operator and client. These events are targeted customer actions and call intents.

Input Data

  • Dialogues contact center operators with the client partition of replicas
  • Information about the presence of events in the dialogues
  • Priori expert knowledge about the essence of events

Output Data

  • Prediction model of event probability
  • Dialog Dataset Analytics
  • Analytics conversion advertising campaigns

Main Results

The solution is adapted and built to:

  • Car dealer companies
  • Real estate sales companies
  • Medical Center Companies

Evaluation was made for events:

Car dealer: event, accuracy

Event Accuracy
Poor contact center optimization 74 %
Сlient is ready to consider the program Trade-in 80 %
Сlient and the operator agreed to meet with the car dealer 76 %
Сlient wants to take a car loan 79 %
Client wants to buy a car 73 %
Client wants to enroll in the service center 93 %

Integration of business intelligence Cloud Platform
Automation of CRM for customer customers:

  • Filling CRM is 40% more and 20% more accurate

Automation of conversion level measurement in attraction channels:

  • Reducing labor costs by 60%

Real Estate: Event, accuracy

Event Accuracy
Client and operator have agreed on additional call 76 %
Client and operator agreed to meet at car dealer 80 %
Client wants to take a mortgage 79 %
Client wants to buy an apartment 83 %
Medicine: event, accuracy
Event Accuracy
Client signed up to the doctor 92 %