Chat-Bot Development

Building a system for automatic processing of incoming calls to the contact center assumes the existence of a given taxonomy, which will be categorized treatment with its subsequent processing. In collaboration with a large number of contact centers, a system for rapid analysis of dialogues is necessary, followed by the construction of a category taxonomy for a specific contact center.

Input Data

  • Dialogues multiple contact centers
  • Assessors markup of paraphrase for each dataset

Output Data

  • Model soft hierarchical clustering dialogs
  • Summary taxonomy of categories with description
  • Customizable server application with the API Interface

Main Results

Integration into the BI department for the automation of client contact centers:

  • Reducing the burden on analytics on the allocation of classes of automation 80%

Taxonomy harmonization:

  • Reducing time to identify a new category by 60%
  • The selection of new intents in the stream of calls with a quality of 70%

Selection of entities and analysis of interpretability:

  • Selecting named entities and filling in a client card is 10% more accurate
  • Increasing the proportion of interpreted intentions relative to the old model by 40%

Quality soft hierarchical clustering

Quality criterion Upper Lower
Accuracy 83 % 70 %
Precision 83 % 78 %
Recall 87% 73 %
F1-score 79 % 71 %

The final quality of interpretability and selection of entities:

Quality criterion Quality
The proportion of interpreted topics 81 %
Quality of selection of named entities 83 %